School Transport System

School Transport System

The school transport system is a software that helps schools manage their bus fleets and ensure the safety of their students. It provides various reports regarding the management of buses and other transportation systems. Payment module is integrated within this sytem which eases trasnportation fee management.


  • Transport team
  • School management team
  • Parents
  • Students

This system needs to be integrated with the institute ERP. (Institute ERP stands for Institute Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software system that helps educational institutions manage their day-to-day operations such as student information management, attendance tracking, fee management, and more).

Flow of events - some common usecases Fleet transport team engages with schools or vice versa Schools with this integrated payment model will collect transport fee from students who opt for school transport Transport team will decide routes based on pick ups, drops opted by total number of students Parents and students can use this app to locate the bus and live track it

Problem Statement

To develop a School transport application software it takes a couple of weeks to write code, organization has to hire the resources which involves cost, time and there are chances of human mistakes on accuracy and consistency until the sprint

Solution Statement

CodeWizard generates the code for the requirements in couple of minutes reducing the time it takes to complete the application software development eliminating tedious or repetitive coding and improves the accuracy and consistency.It allows the enterprises to choose the technology stack. Which eventually reduces the number of people needed to complete the coding tasks, allowing organizations to reduce their hiring,software purchases and other costs. We can update the requirements on the go and just get the code on finger tips at lightening speed. Majorly we can iterate it faster towards UAT.