We at Code Wizard love to challenge the status quo, because progress needs change and change brings in transformation. We intend to revolutionize the game of software development with magic. So we designed a software to liberate the developers.

Dependance breeds mediocrity. Relying on traditional methods reduces creativity. Our niche is in helping developers to write excellent code faster while having fun. We are a bunch of curious motivated individuals who keep exploring whatever is new and novel in the world of software development. Professionalism is always a top priority. We deliver production ready code improving developer productivity by 60%.
In essence we are curious, bold, professional coders who love to have fun with technology.

We aim to empower developers to focus on the more critical aspects of software development by providing them with an automated and collaborative platform that allows them to generate high-quality code with ease. We are committed to continuously updating our software with new software development techniques, ensuring that our users stay ahead of the curve and achieve the best results possible.

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Origin Story


Founding Wizard, CEO

Strategic Advisor

Seeta Rama Swamy

Meet our Team

Sirrey, a Code-Wizard

Sirrey Malamanti

Product Manager
Ribhu, a Code-Wizard

Ribhu Guha

Full Stack Developer
Muskan, a Code-Wizard

Muskan Gupta

Takes care of Quality
Deepak, a Code-Wizard

Deepak Indrale

DevOps Expert
RamKumar, a Code-Wizard


UI Expert
Jude, a Code-Wizard

Jude Pinto

UX Designer