Model Library

Our Model Library offers standard use cases ready to generate application code in no time.

Using the Model Library you can accelerate
development velocity like a Code-Wizard.

Never start coding from scratch again.

Template Builder

Create templates from your code and never start from scratch again!
Template Builder allows you to make templates from your code so that you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Using the template builder is a two step process

  • Use existing code and automatically generate re-usable custom templates from those.
  • Once created, you can easily access and use the templates in projects, saving you time and energy every time you start a new project.
Create your own bot using the Template
Builder to standardise your coding style.


Generate application code without coding manually. Get high-quality code in minutes and save time & money.
Use COD to quickly develop complex web and/or native applications. We support generating database schemas, IaaS, web & mobile applications with or without user interface components.

Technologies we use