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Code Wizard is the process of automatically generating source code from a design requirement, typically, a Text Prompt, UML, EDMX, & Excel.

Around 5 minutes.

Achieve a consistent coding style, error free, bug free & on-demand.

Code Wizard also generates test cases. It may generate Integration test cases, unit test cases & so on. Please check respective tech stack for details.

Let us say you want to build a web application for any of your business requirement. Instead of writing code from scratch, you can use code-wizard.

Developers can generate most of the default functionality like Create, Read, Update, Delete, Search, Pagination, Grouping, Sorting, Join queries, Querying nested objects, Querying for related objects, Postman Collection, Sample Data, application caching, user management, security, docker, provisioning cloud infrastructure, Integration with enterprise systems, and many more. Developer can focus on the business logic and routine code is taken care by Code-wizard.

We cannot automate everything. Code generation automates routine parts & re-writing reusable components. It is aimed to free developers from boring coding, improve their productivity, & get error free code. It cannot generate business logic. It should be written by developers.

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